Axel Greavette

Web Developer - Backend Developer - Graphic Designer



My name is Axel Greavette. I am a 14 year old entrenpenuer, blogger, and software developer based out of Canada. I coded an global API at 13 years of age.

Then I coded SHODAN, a new breed of Discord Bot used by over 15000 people and the bot-utils NPM module which racked up over 800 downloads in the first week.

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Cortx Reaver API

Cortex Reaver is a simple multiuse API. It currently offers a range of endpoints, with most focusing on interaction images. You can find it here

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bot-utils is a multiuse set of commonly used JavaScript functions, all in one place. The currently included tools range from grabbing you application uptime to generating alpha numerics and in it's first week it got over 800 downloads. You can find it on Github and NPM.

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SHODAN is a versitile new edition to the Discord Bot frontier. Using DualCord technology this bot is completely unique. With over 15000 users, and over 25 guilds SHODAN offers many features from moderation to image interaction to DuckDuckGo searchs! You can find the open-source version on Github however it is completely out of date and most likely won't work for you... But you can also invite her here, join her support guild here and learn more about her on the whole from her snazzy website.

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Request is a simple Discord Bot aimed to do one thing: Test JSON Restful API enpoints without having to do it yourself using only three commands.
Find it here.

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node-reaver is the NPM module made for interactions between node.js apps and the Cortex Reaver API without all that get request junk. It uses Promises to ensure simplicity and is incredibly easy to use and understand.
Find it here.

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